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Professional Wardrobe Consultants

Specialists in uniform management for hospitality, retail & more.

Discover what's best for your company.

Tailoring Tools

Starting From Scratch

Start-to-finish uniform curation for upcoming hotels, restaurants, and retail stores in their pre-opening phase, or for existing businesses who simply wish to update their staff uniforms.

Service includes: connecting businesses with the right supplier(s) based on their unique tastes, needs and budgets, price negotiation, item selection and styling, ordering and delivery, fittings and alterations.

Fabric Books

Manage & Maintain

Fitting new hires, ordering and distributing replacement items, repairing damaged articles - there's always work to be done with staff uniforms, even for businesses who already have theirs set in stone.


Assign day-to-day responsibilities to us and enjoy expert oversight that delivers efficient and elegant results and allows your business to focus on what matters most - its customers.

Suit and Tie

Personnel Styling

Even businesses that don't require uniforms still want their staff looking smart. For some, however, this is much easier said than done, especially when they're having to dress for a professional setting.

With styling experience that has brought confidence to top executives and landed celebrities on GQ's Top 10 Best Dressed list, we'll connect your staff with the right brands to meet their budget and fulfill your brand's dress code in the most stylish way.

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